Brick 'n Tile brick specialist, leaders in the supply of all types of brick or pavers as well as all building materials

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Brick 'n Tile - Welcome
Brick 'n Tile is your "one-stop" brick specialist who are leaders in the supply of all types of brick or pavers (clay or cement) as well as all building materials required to build the "Shell of a House."

Whether you're a first-time builder, seasoned contractor, developer or architect, our team of experienced personnel draws on their extensive knowledge to provide you with a tailored service. We pride ourselves on our accreditation from all members of the Clay Brick Association to distribute their products through our network of strategically located branches throughout Gauteng.


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Brick 'n Tile strongly believes that superior service and quality products are at the core of our business success. For this reason, we invest in developing long-term relationships with clients through services that are designed to meet individual needs...
Brick 'n Tile is a fully accredited merchant of Corobrik, the largest brick manufacturer in the southern hemisphere. This proud association forms the basis of our distinctive specialization in clay bricks and pavers for which Brick 'n Tile...
To get a visual of what we do and stock at Brick ‘n Tile feel free to visit our gallery. This will give you a more visual idea of our services and products...